SoulCare Research Christian Counseling Educator Affiliate Program

SoulCare Research Educator Affiliate Program

The SoulCare Research Educator Affiliate Program will provide your students the underlying Bible-based theory of our products, as well as the practical counseling tools & instruments. For you or your educational institution, the Educator Affiliate Program can provide greater financial revenue with minimal impact on your existing schedule & duties.


What does it cost?

The cost of the Educator Affiliate Program is free to all educational institutions and professional educators.


As an affiliate, what do I receive?

As an affiliate, you receive 20% of the sale price on all our products.


What do I do?

You simply place any of our free promotion materials on your website. We recommend also sending emails to your students and prospects. Our software then tracks every sale and we handle all order processing, shipment, and customer support. You can monitor everything 24/7 from the private administration website we will give you.


Can I offer classes?

Yes, you can offer classes. In fact, you can have, for free, the study guide, examination, and answer key to use as you please. It is your choice on whether you will charge for the use of these materials or supply them free to your students. We provide the tools; you decide if, how, and when you use them.


What are the study materials?

The following images represent the covers of the SoulCare Research CAMt Study Guide, Examination, and Examination Answer Key. These documents are available at no cost to educators who enroll in the SoulCare Research Educator Affiliate program. The documents are PDF files and can be downloaded from the educators administration area, once an educator is enrolled in the program. Educators are licensed to duplicate and use the documents as they have need. Educators are not required to administer the study guide or exam prior to making available to students SoulCare Research products. Educators use their own discretion as to whether they first require students to pass the study guide for credit, and then go on to purchase SoulCare Research products, such as the Christian Counselor Rx professional library. Educators are also permitted to use these materials to offer an online or offline class, seminar, etc., and can offer these educational opportunities to students either for free or for a fee that is determined by the educator.

Study Guide

CAMt Student Study Guide



CAMt Student Exam


Exam Answer Key

CAMt Answer Key


What is CAMt?

CAMt is the name of the Biblical process on which our products are based. As an educator, you are concerned with what ideas are placed in the minds of your students and what their later practices will be with those who seek help; as professional Christian counselors for many years, so are we. Therefore, we want you to first understand that we are fully aware that the term, Christian Auditory Meditational Therapy (CAMt) does not occur in sacred Scripture. CAMt is a title we coined for the underlying process we developed and use in our products. That process is a combination of professional narrator-led prayer, praise, review, thanksgiving, and meditation accompanied by soothing instrumental music professionaly recorded with a state-of-the-art, “3D” immersive sound technology. We chose to entitle our process Christian Auditory Meditational Therapy (CAMt) as opposed to simply prayer, meditation, praise, etc., because the process is a unique combination and application of the aforementioned elements, as well as the fact that there are professional Christian counselors who, unfortunately, will not consider a form of treatment unless it has a more modern & medical-sounding name. That is not a condescending remark, but based on our experience in the Christian counseling community, a simple fact. Our free CAMt study guide explains the process in far greater detail.


Who developed CAMt and Christian Counselor Rx?

CAMt and Christian Counselor Rx is a process and associated practical tools & instruments developed by SoulCare Research. SoulCare Research is a Christian-owned and operated firm focused on the research and development of Bible-based counseling services and products that assist counselors, pastors, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists in the work of Christ-inspired soul care. SoulCare Research members carry doctorate, master, and undergraduate degrees, as well as professional certifications in Psychology, counseling, Bible, and over 110 years combined experience in private practice, professional-level pastoral counseling, therapy & counseling services within institutional settings, such as Hospice, rape clinics, grief & trauma, crisis & disaster relief, as well as individual & marital counseling.


What are the promotional materials?

The promotional materials we provide are free and plentiful. There is a full assortment of website, email, online & offline materials from which you can choose. Guidelines and instructions are also included. The promotional tools can be found in the administration area of your private website once you have enrolled. Upon enrollment, you will receive a unique code. That code is automatically “injected” into the following materials you see here, as well as all other materials we provide. You are then able to add to your website(s), banners, HTML emails, text emails, text ads, newsletters, etc.

Below are samples of some of the free promotional materials available. These materials come in 12 different color schemes, beside the green & brown scheme you see below. Other messages & styles are also included.








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The enrollment process is intended for either the individual of your educational organization who has authority to commit to business relationships, or as a designated party by your educational organization with proper authority to engage in business. 

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