Due to the recent deaths of Christians suffering with Depression, the Depression Help Kit for Christians, regularly priced at $29.95, from SoulCare Research, is now free to anybody in need, whether they are Depression sufferers, Christian counselors, Biblical counselors, mental health workers or concerned pastors.


Free Depression Help Kit for Christians

Click the green download button to view in your browser or right click the button to download and save to your device. Due to the recent deaths of Christians who have struggled with Depression, SoulCare Research has now made free, the regularly priced $29.95 Depression Help Kit for Christians. This offer is available to Christians who suffer with Depression, Christian counselors, Biblical counselors, Christian therapists, Christian psychologists, Christian psychiatrists, mental health workers, and concerned pastors.


FREE! The Counselor’s New Service Announcement Kit

When you purchase Christian Counselor Rx, you also receive The Counselor’s New Service Announcement Kit – FREE of charge. This 16-piece assortment announces to hurting people in your church & community, a new form of help through the new Biblical counseling Christian meditation tools you provide with your Christian Counselor Rx library.


Your New Service Announcement Kit is free to you and it includes the files to print any selection, combination, and any amount of:


  • four, full-sheet 8.5″ x 11″ flyers

  • four statement size announcements (function as church bulletin insert, handout, or postcard)

  • four bookmark announcements

  • four business card size announcements


The best part of your free kit is that you are able to add your contact information to these announcements and you can easily change your information any time you like, as well as change to any color of announcement. This is a complimentary product available with Christian Counselor Rx; it is designed to help counselors announce the new service they provide.



FREE CD Sleeve Label Templates

Labels Screenshot - MEDIUMIncluded is a free template for each of the 42 issue titles
Each template is a matched, custom-designed, full-color cd sleeve template that comes in three different, popular file formats: Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader (pdf) and RTF (works with all word processors). With this template set, you can create an infinite amount of CD sleeve labels if you choose to use your computer to either copy the modules onto a data CD or burn the sessions onto an audio CD, and then place the CD in a sleeve.




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