42 30-minute Christian Meditation Sessions for Over 40 Problems

Christian Counselor Rx Professional Christian Meditation Library

Christian Counselor Rx - Professional Christian Meditation Tool Collection

  • 40 professionally produced 30-minute Christian meditation sessions for 40 different problems like low self-esteem, anxiety, workaholism, chronic pain, guilt & more

  • Copy & sell or give away the sessions as much as you want

  • Help more people, more easily

  • Suffering people can use their sessions anywhere, anytime, and as much as they need.

 You receive 40 different modules and each module contains:

  • one (1) meditation session (mp3) for the specific issue topic (sessions are approximately 30 minutes in length)

  • one (1) client ThoughtNotes Journal (pdf) (clients record questions, concerns & revelations inspired by session)

  • one (1) client instruction booklet (pdf)

SESSIONS INCLUDED  Abortion, Addictions, Adultery (my own) Adultery (my spouse) Anger, Bitterness, Burnout, Death, Decision Making, Depression, Discouragement, Divorce (considering) Divorce (victim) Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Envy & Jealousy, Fear & Anxiety, Forgiveness, Grief & Loss, Guilt, Loneliness, Love & Belonging, Mental Disorder, Money Crisis, Pain & Chronic Pain, Parenting, Perfectionism, Pornography, Prejudice, Premarital Sex, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse (childhood) Singleness, Spiritual Warfare, Stress, Suffering, Suicide, Trauma, Workaholism, Worry.

EXTRAS INCLUDED  Client ThoughtNotes Journal, Client Instruction Booklet, Counselor Brief, SoulCare Research License Agreement, Certificate of Licensure, Counselor's New Services Announcement Kit, CD Sleeve Pro Label Templates, Bonus Library Edition on DVD


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