42 30-minute Christian Meditation Sessions for Over 40 Problems


CCRx Sample


Christian Counselor Rx Christian meditation sessions should always be listened to with earbuds or headphones. The sessions contain professional studio-produced soothing instrumental music and sound effects engineered with a "3D" immersive soundscape technology that creates a surround-sound environment that assists with relaxation.



This music & sound effects score is then mixed with professional studio narration that leads the listener through passages of Scripture specifically selected for their problem.



Additionally, the narrator gently guides the listener through counselor & pastor designed periods of prayer, praise, review, thanksgiving, rest & renewal.



There is not another product produced with standards as high. Christian Counselor Rx is the first and largest library of its kind with over 20 hours of Christian meditation sessions that any lay or professional counselor, pastor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist can provide for over 40 of life's most difficult issues. Suffering people can use their prescribed session(s) anywhere, anytime - as often as they need. Any counselor can enhance their care to the people they serve. Included is a license that allows a counselor to make as many copies as they need for the people they serve.

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