42 30-minute Christian Meditation Sessions for Over 40 Problems


"At a time when financial upheaval, business stress, and a failed relationship brought me to an unexpected breaking point, Christian Counselor RX gave me a practical tool to walk through a tough emotional and spiritual process on my own time. I was getting nowhere on my own, friends, and family didn't seem to have the support I needed, and sitting in a counselors office was out of my schedule, budget, and comfort zone. The MP3 was like an arrow guiding me straight to the root of my discouragement, fear, and anxiety. Being able to work through my issues on my own time gave me the confidence to go about my day without feeling like I was going to have a breakdown. It was more than just therapeutic, I had a serious spiritual breakthrough.
Awesome product!"

Independent Test Case


“Well done...the music, the voice, the text, the meditation...much good can come from what you are doing. This will be a very positive help to many people.”

Wayne Leaver, Ph.D
School of Counseling and Social Sciences
Walden University


“I know my psychologist was concerned, because everything they tried to help me really wasn’t working and I felt bad about that. But when they told me they were going to give me a prescription, I thought it was going to be a pill, but it was this mp3 on anger, and it was the most amazing thing. It really helped me and it was so relaxing, and I had an experience with the Lord like I never had before. I learned where my anger came from and the Lord helped remove it from me. I’m so grateful for this.”

Cindy M.
Actual client


"Christian Counselor Rx is an excellent concept; I have always believed in the therapeutic nature of praise and the power of God released with "the song of the Lord." I am an advocate of the FaithWorks PRAY model."

Tom Sterbens, Senior Pastor/District Overseer
Church of God


“This is truly a tremendous work. I have really never seen or heard anything that I liked as well as this. Congratulations on such a wonderfully annointed work of ministry! I love this tool.”

Rick Maples, Executive Director
Mercy House Ministries
Men’s Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center


“I have a long-term client who has suffered with anxiety and with whom I have been able to help in the past with EMDR. Now, I have decided to cease my reliance upon secular devices and to rely instead on Bible-based Therapy. I gave my client the Fear & Anxiety module from Christian Counselor Rx and it brought them the relief they needed. The difference I see between EMDR and Christian Counselor Rx/Bible-based Therapy is that EMDR deals with the symptoms, but Christian Counselor Rx not only relieves the symptoms, but provides a Bible-based solution to the actual cause and triggers of the anxiety."

Christian psychologist & therapist


“This is definitely a product that counselors will be interested in using with their clients.”

Dr. Bill George, Education Coordinator
Church of God World Missions
Professor, Lee University


“I was amazed at the potential of this tool to reinforce the Biblical counseling sessions and to partner together with the Holy Spirit in deeply embedding the specific areas of need. Not only a tremendously useful tool for anyone involved in Biblical Counseling or church ministry, but very user friendly. After 30 years of pastoral ministry, I am still awed by how God will invade our time and culture with new and innovative tools to better meet the needs of those He loves. This is certainly an example of God’s special provision to His Church.”

Steve Rogers, Associate Pastor
New Hope Church


“Christian Counselor Rx is an arsenal of spiritual weaponry birthed from practical experience, built on Biblical principles, and backed up by personal integrity. As clients listen to therapeutic music tracks, meditate upon the truth of God’s Word, follow guided prayer paths, review, petition, yield, and engage in praise, points of brokenness and strongholds fall away bringing restoration and healing as the mind is renewed.”

Robin Ringer, Associate Professor
Walters State Community College


“An outstanding product. Wow! What a great work! The content appearance, music, voicing, text, everything about it - excellent.”

Dr. Dale Denham, Ph.D, President
International School of Leadership Development


“As a pastor, I daily encounter mammoth challenges in helping individuals navigate the brokenness, fear, and pain in their life by exposing them to the word of God. Christian Counselor Rx provides a supplementary resource that is done with both professionalism and the heart of a shepherd. The guidance Christian Counselor Rx gives allows the individual moments of reflection, meditation and it demonstrates to them in an indirect way to experience the presence of God...and then begin to see themselves as God sees them. I will use Christian Counselor Rx to reinforce the power of God’s word, prayer and meditation in the healing process of the soul.”

Brenda Sterbens, Associate Pastor
New Hope Church


“I am confident that this tool is not only one I would use for those hurting in the Renovation church family, but I would gladly recommend it to any leader, pastor, or counselor for their use, as well.”

Leonce Crump. MDiv/Lead Pastor/Author
Renovation Church


"Filled with His wonder! I have had an intimate relationship with God this morning! Professionally done, thought provoking, soothing, helpful, time seemed to stand still; I truly wanted to stay there as I was experiencing the combination of God's Word, The Holy Spirit and God The Father working in conjunction to bring a wonderful event in my life this day."

Hope Hospice

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